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Water Truck Information

We bought the following Water Truck units to service our clients in a very efficient way and cut down on the amount of trips needed per day to fill up Hydrovac Trucks.

Unit W 200 is a 18.5 cube Water Truck with a tandem front and tandem back end unit. We can haul enough water legally to fill 4 of our Hydrovac trucks or fill 6 of our competitor Tandem Hydrovac units with one load of water.

Unit W 100 is a Tandem Water Truck with a 16 cube tank. If a customer(s) have a few Hydrovac Trucks working in the area both trucks are available to fill both our and our competitor Hydrovac Trucks.

With above taken into consideration Suck It Up feels we can help our customers cut some costs using our bigger and well maintained newer equipment.

We appreciate all past business and look forward to working with each of you in the future.

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