Added Value

Added Value Suck It Up Offers Clients

Our clients have Suck It Up do lots of Environmental Hydrovac work using clean water doing underground abandonments on old oil wells and fix or replace underground pipes due to line leaks.

The added value we offer to clients is that this procedure eliminates the cost of 3 trucks doing this same job as we do. We use one truck to do 3 steps providing hot water to melt wax, water pressure and Hydrovac truck to clean up debris (wax and oil).

We rigged up our Hydrovac Trucks to Meter Hot water as per Consultant temperature instructions while using hose and a Crawler nozzle to clean wax and debris out the line. The Crawler nozzle will stop when it hits the blockage (usually a Pig stuck in the line or the line is waxed off). We Hydrovac up the overflow hot water and debris out of the blocked line keeping site clean and safe. Retract Hose and Crawler nozzle out of line.

The Crawler Nozzle tool is flexible to go around 90* and 45* angles in Riser pipes. This works up to 500 plus feet while using a cable to help pull hose out of pipes at the end of the job.

We rig up at the well head (Riser) to meter water used to find the position of blockage. Pressure up line as per Consultant instructions using a pressure relief valve for safety to try to move blockage. Close one way valve and leave pressure on line blockage.

Rig out and go to other end of the line. Suck It Up uses our Hydrovac truck to use vacuum to suck at the same time as pressure is on line to get blockage moving.

If we can’t get blockage to move we use amount of metered water to calculate blockage spot. If needed we Hydrovac a bell hole for the Client’s crew to remove blockage.

We have been very successful in locating blockages, distance of blockages and moving the pig or wax in the line. If blockage can not be moved we supply customer the distance of waxed off line or a pig blocking the flow in the line.

We have the right tools and fittings to rig into any facility to do this job.

All equipment is Safety Certified.

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